todo list

The items on this list are not sorted in any particular order.
Documentation ...
add support for more systems This is something i can not do myself. I have access to Linux, Solaris, IRIX systems also to Win95, but thats all. For anything else i need someone to help me with this systems.
Comandline interface
The current version always needs graphics, many SysOps would prefer an command line interface.
update mode
A nice feature was an update mode where the old configuration would be kept.
nativ library support
I want to add support for native libraries to the installer. This is al little tricky because an application may come with native libs for some hardware/os combination and a pure Java alternative for others etc.
package dependencies
It should be possible to define package dependencies.

Partialy done:
Network install
Also nice to have was a network installation where the user gets only the installer, all other components could be downloaded if needed.
Uninstall The installer now saves the informations needed to remove the software from the target system.
GUI for creating a distribution

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