Lift-Off Java-Installer

Sun, Mar 12 2000
Version 0.2.2 released

Sun, Mar 05 2000
Version 0.2.1 released

Tue, Feb 29 2000
Mailing list available.

Feb 28 2000
Moved the webpages to Sourceforge

Welcome to the Lift-Off Installer homepage.

S ome time ago I was searching the net for a installer for my one of my (non commercial) projects. There are some around but either they are proprietary products, have some nasty things in their license or need Swing - something I can not expect to be present on the target system. So I created my own installer - here it is.

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Only Java 1.1 & AWT are required on the target platform.
Swing application for creating distributions.
Runs with Linux and Solaris, Windows support will be added soon. Support for other platforms may be available in the future (Contributors?)
You can place your Software inside a self extracting Java class that can be extracted on any platform that can run Java applications, no system specific binaries anymore!
The Software is open source (GPL), you can modify it fit your needs.
Localization support (only German and English yet)-
The installer can fill out template files with system dependend values.

This project is hosted at

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